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~ our story ~

Ambruna'h came up after our obsession for the Spanish omelettes, our passion for food, traditions and habits.

All these elements are met in this dish, that has been in the Spanish cuisine

for over 200 years and it has become a tradition for the nation. Not only

being a signature dish and the main character in all tapas bars around Spain, but it is also the most loved for everyone to prepare at home.

There is no rules when it comes to 'when or how' to have it, anytime and any occasion it is a good excuse. Although it always tastes better amongst family and friends as any other Spanish dish.

Our name 'Ambruna'h' (Hambruna in Spanish) translates to hunger in times of food shortage. This name represents the origins of the Spanish omelettes, originated in times of War; when people had difficulty to access to food and could only access to basics like eggs and potatoes.


We thought there would not be a better way to express our obsession with the Spanish omelettes other than share it with you all.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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